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My Week in Drawings (3)

week 3

My Week in Drawings (2)

Week 2

My Week in Drawings

Week of drawings

New 30 day challenge


It’s 30 day challenge time again – I’m feeling a bit dry creatively…so I’ve decided to do a portrait sketch every day for the next 30 days. 

Empty Conversation


Latest project – I am submitting this to be considered for an upcoming exhibition.

Screen print on paper

Vintage rustic wedding – Ori & Lori


lemon cake










Cake 2

This was my first official solo event styling gig, and I absolutely loved it. The brief was to create a vintage rustic afternoon tea setting for a wedding at Alberton House in Auckland. The bride and groom were super laid-back for a couple who were planning their wedding in only three weeks, so it was a really awesome experience. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this lovely afternoon possible.

Photos by Deanna

Goals: Keep Learning and Growing


So it may not seem a big deal to anyone else, but I just finished  6 weeks of night classes doing a fashion course at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design. I learned how to draft a pattern and construct a tailored skirt out of linen. This was one of the goals I was talking about in a previous post – to keep learning and growing. The aim is to extend the sewing skills and start making some more complex pieces soon.

All The Frills – Event Styling

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Sharon and Cam’s Industrial Wedding









Ella’s First Birthday

All the Frills is an event styling business run by Melanie Holt. She is a super-talented lady. I helped out with the events above, and learned so much from her. Check out her fantastic website here: All the Frills

Fundraising Art Show for Iona College

Thistle wallpaper - yellow, white and grey



Iona College held an art auction/exhibition on Friday night to raise funds for the school. I was delighted to hear that my Thistle wallpaper and Teen Wifi Drop-out pieces both sold. Thank you to the curator – Lizzie Russell for asking me to be involved in this successful event.



2013 was a year of change for me – moving to the big smoke of Auckland, starting a new job in a very different school, making new friends… but I stayed in my comfort zone when it came to my art and design. After some decent prodding from a creative friend, I have decided to set a few goals for my second year in the concrete jungle. My hope is that I will actually follow through with these goals now that I have shared them with the online world.

  1. Make stuff all the time – just for fun and post it here. I’m in the practice of only creating things for exhibitions, markets or as gifts. I need to create “just because.”
  2. Get out there – I’m a bit scared of rejection, and Auckland can be a scary place when nobody in creative circles knows you. My aim is to find a way to get involved in exhibitions in the city.
  3. Read more – it’s so easy to waste time in front of the TV. My aim is to surround myself with inspirational design books and magazines, and read some novels.
  4. Keep learning and growing – I have signed up for some night classes, so that will be a good start.
  5. Be positive – look for the good things, rather than ranting about the bad things.

Keep stopping by to see how I’m going with the goals!


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