So…it’s been a while…

by Liz McCready


I have an apology to make. It’s been a while since my last post for my 365 Days Project. I have been snowed under with work for my Honours project that is stressing me out. I set out this year with the intention of creating a new cameo design every day, and I now realise that was quite an ambitious project to do alongside an Honours in Art & Design. I have been creating work every day (in the form of an essay, and new visual work) but I haven’t kept on top of this project too.

SO – I have decided…instead of trying to catch up on all the days I have missed, I am just going to skip them, and make the project about seeing how many cameos I can authentically create each day. New cameos starting tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s a little peak at one of my uni experiments.